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About Two30 Studio

The Miami-based Two30 Studio is an architecture and design firm, committed to excellence in the design process, continuous improvement in sustainable and innovative construction solutions, and cognizant of budget.Our team of architects and designers are strongly engaged to working with clients in every stage of the projects, creating the architectural design and the interior design of buildings, as well as to coordinate all the engineering design linked to the architecture design. Our architecture-design firm is responsible for providing a specific portion or all the design and build process as required by our clients.

The company is mainly Residential - Commercial projects oriented, ranging from Schematic and Preliminary Design to Construction Documents ready for permit submission. The approach is transdisciplinary. We do not have a defined style or project that we like the most, everyone has a little bit of everything, our portfolio is a summary of the stylistic trend that we like to do from the client’s vision, leading to beautiful and practical design solutions.

Two30 Studio is a company that was born from the association of Noriel Santamaria and Oscar Gonzalez, who had worked as a team for more than 7 years in different ways, either in collaborative work or in joint venture between them and with other architecture professionals. Two30 Studio draws on personal experience and its own companies (MOM Development, MOMA Group and Santamaria Design & Consulting) collaborating and/or providing design services to other companies in the business, such as Alfonso Jurado Architect, CTD architecture, 21ArchD Architecture, Caymares Martin Architecture, Design By Casandra and Eventstar Structures.

Mission & Values

Two30 Studio's innovative design of spaces, meticulous planning, and problem-solving capabilities result in unique and sustainable solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each project. We believe in continuously enhancing our customer network through face-to-face relationships and call me anytime you need, consolidating the commitment to our clients.

Who are we?
Noriel Santamaria, Assoc. AIA
Founder / Managing partner

Noriel is an accomplished architect with a career span of more than 25 years, graduated from the Technological University (CUJAE) of Havana, Cuba, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1996, receiving several awards during his undergraduate tenure and later as a professional architect.

He has postgraduate studies in different topics, highlighting the internship at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, in 1998 and earning his Master’s Degree in Architectural Preservation from CUJAE – UNESCO in 2002, and has practiced in Cuba and Ecuador and has done collaborative work and earned commissions in Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. Alternates professional work with teaching, research, and photography.

Oscar Gonzalez, Assoc. AIA
Founder / Managing partner

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